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Welcome we are Metallon

We are not a company that is exclusively engaged in architectural ironmongery and hardware, we are much more than that, as we have proven many times with our references. Our desire is to turn the space in which we install our products into an environment that is pleasant for everyday living. We want to create art of our ironmongery and hardware and to make sure that each of our products becomes a work of art. In view of the aforementioned, our goal is not serial production, what we try is to give each our product a special artistic note as well as unique characteristics that will ensure its perfect harmony with the environment. We incorporate the wishes of the client into each product as much as possible without disturbing the basic function of the product. All our employees are obliged to respect our fundamental principle of work, which is quality. Every product, which is to say every phase of its production, is strictly controlled and no product can get our signature without it. With such an approach, we guarantee safety to every customer, and we deliver our products to end customers with assurance and pride.


Some Interisting Facts

Metallon d.o.o. Visoko releases its products and provides its services through its three brands, namely, METALLON (railing and fencing systems), METALLON STAIRS and METALLON Lighting.

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